PATEV Associates GmbH:
Our partner for IP, patents and brands

Value Dynamics has been working together with the German IP company PATEV Associates GmbH for many years. PATEV has been established in 2001 by Dr. Edelbert Haefele and conducted over 2000 IP projects for international companies. The company is a top service provider in Europe and market leader in Germany. Among its clients are large German companies in the consumer goods, automotive and industrial sector.

IP Tomography

With IP Tomography PATEV enables you to take strategic decisions based on innovation intelligence. It shows you where the hot and white spots of your technology are. The hot spots will provide you relevant information about the market and your competitors. To know your white spots is essential to identify where you should invest your R&D resources and protect your innovative ideas early enough.

IP Valuation

One of the main pillars of PATEV’s services are valuations of IP portfolios. The valuation is based on a risk adjusted license analogy, considering various different business scenarios. Value Dynamics combines IP valuation with their services in financing, restructuring or M&A cases. PATEV is able to put a price tag on your patent portfolio and supports you to find the best owner by analyzing the patent portfolios of your competitors.

Besides IP Tomography and IP Valuation PATEV also offers a comprehensive Competitor Monitoring.