What we do

The art of business building

Powered by a unique mix of talent, hard work, and experience, we work with clients as a trusted partner to translate great ideas into concrete business initiatives that deliver lasting value. We help CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Investors to maximize value with a long term perspective.

In some cases, we also incubate business initiatives for ourselves. One great example is a RFID material management solution, which we built from scratch… and operate on a 24h / 7 days per week basis.


Turning big ideas into big wins

Simply put, we deliver. We have the assets, experience and expertise to ensure that the full value of growth projects are captured. Need a great example? Look at Tilabras, one of the largest privately held fish farms in BRazil. Together with the main investor, we built the business from scratch over the last five years.


Capturing long- and short-term value

Quick results allow you to improve operative and financial performance and exceed short-term targets. Lasting value comes from building capabilities and relationships. We focus on both.


The art of business restructuring

We understand that there are times in the life of a business when drastic action is required, particularly in challenging economic environments. We know from our own experience that change can be hard and subsequently, the implementation of change benefits greatly from an outsider’s view with a set of fresh ideas. We are that fresh pair of eyes your business needs.


Value Dynamics’ activities are focused on three fundamental areas:

We build Businesses

Turn entrepreneurial ideas into a prospering, real business.

We grow Businesses

 Help entrepreneurs and investors to grow their business sustainably.

We restructure Businesses

Solve business challenges that emerge along the growth path.

Our Building Blocks: Finance, Marketing, Logistics, Technology

We don’t see ourselves as consultants. We build new businesses as well as transform existing ones. To achieve this, we focus on four main building blockss:

Corporate Finance

Whether you have a vision or a problem, we formulate a Business Plan together with you to overcome the challenges. We go further. We don’t just leave you with that Business Plan but we actualise it so you can see the results quickly and efficiently.

Sales & Marketing

There is no business without revenues. We help businesses to implement a structured sales approach, which directly increases business growth and profits.


We are at home in Supply Chain & Logistics, and run several projects in this filed every year – from sourcing to material management, and from warehousing to distribution.


Technology is our passion. We support technology companies actively throughout their innovation process. We accompany them in various stages of the innovation cycle. We also operate our very own technology platforms, mainly in the field of RFID applications for material management.

Value Dynamics is focused on delivering results, not recommendations. With our ‘hands on’, ‘sleeves rolled up’ approach, we drive value creation initiatives from strategy setting to frontline implementation. To build programs that deliver long term sustainable improvement. Value Dynamics focuses extensively with management teams on capability building and skill transfer back into the client company.