Our Clients

Entrepreneurs and CEOs

We help entrepreneurs and CEOs to bring their companies to the next level in terms of strategy, revenues, profitability, and funding. With our tried-and-tested success proven approach, we safeguard the value of today, while helping the operational management to turn opportunities into tangible results.

In the end, our main goal is to generate strategic options for investors. A well-run, profitable company can shape the future of an entire industry. Meanwhile an underperforming company has to focus on survival. At Asia Dynamics, we implement continues ‘value management’ for entrepreneurs in order to ensure the companies we work with don’t just focus on survival, and as a result are successful.


Family offices

All too often family offices engage in direct investments which do not generate attractive returns. Lack of focus and attention often lead to suboptimal asset performance and put into question the future viability of the investment.

Value Dynamics looks at all determining factors including market dynamics, team quality and commercial strategy in order to determine a company’s chance of generating high returns in the future. Depending on the outcome of our assessment we will focus on growth programs to improve top line, while optimizing costs. Other options are implementing a restructuring program or winding down the company on behalf of the owners.


Private Equity Funds

In our experience, fast growing companies often hit a roadblock at some stage in their development. Some of the common challenges we have observed are:

  • founding teams that are not well equipped to manage and incentivize growing teams,
  • too much time and energy focused on products instead of sales,
  • lack of willingness and or inefficiency in implementing necessary changes in strategic positioning.

This is where Value Dynamics comes in. On behalf of the investor and in close cooperation with the management teams, we will not only assess and formulate the challenges, but we will more importantly also implement the necessary adjustments to bring the asset back on a growth and value creation track.