Mobile Data Access Company

Create value by expanding the global customer base

Our client offers secure data access around the world, for a flat rate per GB, without a subscription. Covering more than 180 countries with one SIM-Card, internet access has never been easier.


Despite a highly performing technical platform to manage the network access globally, the client faced difficulties to roll-out the product on a large scale. Customers loved the product, but most potential customers were not aware of the product.


After a thorough review of the entire go-to-market startegy, it became clear that cooperating with retailers like Brack and Digitec is not enough to achieve profitable, sustainable growth. Therefore, the team of Value Dynamics focused on two value drivers:

  • Develop and implement a global partnership approach with leading insurance companies to bundle data access with insurance products
  • Establish distribution partnerships with companies in the tourism segment (e.g., duty free shops, shops at train stations)


Through this bundle, the insurance company could provide more value to the customer, while benefitting from a secure communication channel while the customer was travelling. Additionally, partnerships with strategic retailers like Dufry, Valora and petrol stations were establised to fuel future growth of this tech startup.